Media & PR

Possible forms of cooperation:
1. Ordering and sharing texts, purchasing photos
I am ready to share all texts and photos available on blog, funpage and pinterest under pre-agreed terms. I am also open to write sponsored articles and editorial content both on your blog or on your website and in print media.
Please contact me for discussing details.
2. Cooperation in promotion with tourist shops and publishers
I’m happy to start a cooperation with shops and tourist companies and publishers aimed to offer travel items. So far, I’ve written reviews, which can be found at
3. Cooperation with hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions
I’m very open to take up on invitations from tourist complexes in exchange for reviews (both on the blog and on other travel sites). In such cases, it is usually me, who gets in touch first indicating that in this and this month I will be for instance in Armenia.
4. Collaboration with tourist organisations promoting cities and regions
As above. I am happy to use the call for a study trip, either with a group of journalists, as well as those based on independent traversing the region and exploring the city and nature.
5. Copywriting and social media management
I’m ready to work in co-creation of websites, content writing and managing profiles in social media.
Feel free to contact me and to check ‘about me’ tab. Most of all, I am open for diversity of offers.

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