About me

Hi, I’m Agnieszka Ptaszyńska and this is my travel blog.

I got my passport at the age of four.

At the age of eight I went with my parents for a three weeks tour around Egypt. I think it was my most crazy journey so far. Nights in the desert, fever
hitting almost 40 degrees and everything, that was surrounding me, had nothing to do with the world I knew by then. If you get to experience cultural shock only once in a lifetime, than this was the moment.
Perhaps this Egyptian trip made an influence on me to constantly want more.
With parents I visited most of Europe and part of the Middle East. I reached the point, when i got bored of organised tours and since then i keep on travelling on my own. Discovering the low-cost flights brought a real joy to me. For my most important journeys I recognize hitch-hiking to Portugal and Sicily, lonely journey through China, Malaysia and Thailand. For my bravest – flying after my love to United States.
Running constantly.
I get seriously sick if i don’t go anywhere for a month. I’m not quite sure if I’m running away from something or chasing.
When at home, I live in Krakow, where I study Polish philology and write. I like sweet cappuccino, a good book and large dogs. I do not like monotony.
This website is an English translation of a popular Polish blog: Zależna w podróży
I cooperated with Onet.pl, Czas Kultury and websites Trawelogi, Slowairzeczy.pl and Rynekwydawniczy.pl. I get involved in the promotion of non mass tourism.
You can find me on facebook, couchsurfing, twitter and pinterest. From the last one I am officially addicted.
I believe in the Internet. I believe in cooperation and good in people. If something on my blog interested you and you would like to get more information, do not hesitate to write to me. Maybe i have maps, bearings, folders, tips.

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