We are back from Sicily

Amazing thing happened to me this morning! I woke up and felt something strange. First of all i felt warm. I was wearing a light t-shirt and I wasn’t freezing! Second thing, I felt soft! Mattress under my back, pillow under my head instead of a backpack.
I inhaled the air with my nose. Closed, but not smelly. Definitely I am in a space larger than 4m2, and me myself …hmmm… I must have been in fresh clothes and after the evening bath. I opened up my eyes. It’s official now: I’m in Cracow!
So that’s it. On 2 May 2013 at 10 p.m. we entered our Cracow apartment and, thus we finished our tour of Sicily.
During the nine days we drove about 2970 km overland including 240 km by buses and minibuses, and 100 km by train. We hitch-hiked 29 times and did it in total 2630 km. Once we took a ferry from Sicily to Italy, stowaways.
We spent two nights in Italian homes (in Trapani and Palermo) found through couchsurfing, two in a tent on a campsite at the foot of Mount Etna, three nights wildly in a tent, and one on the way in trucks. In total i spent 15 euros for accommodation (campsite).
Except from a plane ticket to Trapani (40 euros + 20 euros for luggage (given unnecessarily, cabine baggage would be enough) and travel costs in Poland (bus to Rzeszow and train from Gliwice to Cracow) I spent 93,35 euros in Italy. In the meantime I found 20 euros on the street. So, during the journey I ‘lost’ 73,35 euros, which is 8,15 euros per day. I used to buy a coffee, wine or beer and something sweet from the cafe every day. We had a good dinner every day as well.
To sum up, 9-day vacation in Italy cost me 145 euros!
Neither of us was hurt, no one molested us, no one tried to rape or rob us. Instead, we were offered dinner three times, several times snacks like banana, pizza and wine, and the countless amounts of coffee. Few times people who were giving us a lift, had made extra kilometers (once even more than one hundred), just to help us get to some convenient destinations.
People are good, travelling does not have to be expensive and the world is beautiful. More stories about the trip coming soon.

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